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Yellowstone Hikes

Hayden Valley

This 8 mile out and back hike will start at *7-8 AM* (ideally) from the East side of the Mary Mountain Trail through Hayden Valley. With the early morning start we hope to see more wildlife, avoid the hot heat of the afternoon and observe the caldera formed by the super volcano. This hike should take no longer 6 hours with water breaks and stops. 

4 Person or $600 minimum

*Flexible start time*


Guests will meet guides at the Hayden Valley trailhead 15 minutes early to stretch, pack snacks, water, talk about trail and animal safety and bear spray tutorial before departing into the backcountry of Yellowstone. The trail is mainly flat, following the edge of Hayden Valley. Guides will have binoculars for use, we highly encourage guests to bring their own as well as any camera, sunscreen, and bug spray and comfortable hiking shoes

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A walk in the Park

At four miles in, the guides will stray only slightly off trail where a tributary runs through Hayden Valley. We will have a healthy assortment of snacks and  water breaks throughout the journey. There will be opportunity to soak our feet in the creek or a refreshing polar plunge! 

We hope to see bison, elk, ravens, cranes, and maybe even coyotes, foxes, wolves, and bears. Our naturalists will also teach people about the local flora, how native Americans used plants, thermal features, and other local lore. 


More Hiking Tours & Itineraries

West Thumb Hike

Level of hiking: easy 

Duration: 1.5 hours

2 Person or $250 minimum 


The West Thumb hiking tour takes guests through both the West Thumb Geyser Basin and the Overlook Trail. The first portion of the tour takes guests along the boardwalk with a guide to learn about all the cool features in the West Thumb Geyser Basin, and why this is our favorite basin. The second part of the tour takes guests along the 1.5 mile West Thumb Overlook Loop. This hike is relatively easy with some uphill hiking to the overlook where there will be a chance to enjoy the views of Yellowstone Lake and the steaming basin below. Through this entire tour, a guide will be offering knowledge about the lake, thermal features, wildlife and indigenous history. 

Ribbon Lake Hike 

Level of hiking: moderate 

Duration: 5 hours 

4 Person or $600 Minimum


The Ribbon Lake trail is a somewhat hilly 7 mile loop that will take guests through valleys, along the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, through forests, along backcountry thermal basins, past Clear Lake with a stop at Ribbon Lake. This trail offers a wide variety of landscape in one hike with the chance of viewing Yellowstone’s incredible wildlife. Mornings (8am) are the best time of day to begin this hike to avoid the heat of the day and increase chances to see wildlife. Guides will provide navigation through the maze of trails that run along the south side of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone while searching for wildlife, and explaining the wonders of the park. 

Mystic Falls Hike

Level of hiking: moderate 

Duration: 3 hours 

2 Person or $300 Minimum


This 3.5 mile loop trail begins at biscuit basin where guests can view some beautiful hot springs and geysers before heading into the lodgepole pine forest. This hike involves a bit of elevation gain at about 600 ft, but the climb is rewarded with one of the best views in the park of the upper geyser basin. On the way down, stop off and enjoy a break and a snack at one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the park, Mystic Falls. Your guide will be there every step of the way with knowledge about the parks natural history and thermal features, as well as the flora and fauna you may encounter along the way.

Storm Point Hike  

Level of hiking: easy 

Duration: 2 hours 

2 Person or $300 Minimum


A 2.5 mile loop hike to Storm Point takes

guests through a small prairie, a wooded area and along the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake. Upon arriving at Storm Point, guests will have a chance to have a snack while enjoying the views of the lake. This hike can be done at any time of day, including sunset. This trail has almost no elevation gain, making it an easy half day hike. A guide will walk guests through Yellowstone’s history, ecology and local lore while providing a safe and fun hike. Wildlife to look for on this trail could include waterfowl, deer, elk, bison and possibly foxes, coyotes, wolves and bears. 

Avalanche Peak Hike 

Level of hiking: difficult 

Duration: 4 hours 

4 Person or $500 Minimum


A strenuous uphill hike will leave guests breathless when they hit Avalanche Peak over 10,000ft in elevation. Although, this hike is worth the the work because the views alone are breath taking. This hike is 4.6 miles and has an elevation gain and loss of 2,000ft. Avalanche Peak is one of the few day hikes in the Absaroka Mountain range which makes up the eastern side of Yellowstone. At the top, enjoy views of the the mountains, Yellowstone Lake and other far away features. Wildlife encounters could include anything from marmots to bears. Guides will offer backcountry knowledge on wildlife, history of the park and offer insight on the ecology and geology of Yellowstone. 

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