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Hayden Valley Hike

This 8 mile out and back hike will start at 7:00am from the East side of the Mary Mountain Trail through Hayden Valley. With the early morning start we hope to see more wildlife, avoid the hot heat of the afternoon and observe the caldera formed by the super volcano. This hike should take no longer 5 five hours with water breaks and stops. 

$150 Per Person 

3 Person minimum


Guests will meet guides at the Hayden Valley trailhead 15 minutes early to stretch, pack snacks, water, talk about trail and animal safety and bear spray tutorial before departing into the backcountry of Yellowstone. The trail is mainly flat, following the edge of Hayden Valley. Guides will have binoculars for use, we highly encourage guests to bring their own as well as any camera, sunscreen, and bug spray and comfortable hiking shoes

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A walk in the Park

At four miles in, the guides will stray only slightly off trail where a tributary runs through Hayden Valley. We will have a healthy assortment of snacks and  water breaks throughout the journey. There will be opportunity to soak our feet in the creek or a refreshing polar plunge! 

We hope to see bison, elk, ravens, cranes, and maybe even coyotes, foxes, wolves, and bears. Our naturalists will also teach people about the local flora, how native Americans used plants, thermal features, and other local lore. 

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